About Us

It's all!!!!

From the many years of experience gained in different sectors of commerce and the continuous need to get involved, codzero comes to life today!!!!


The idea comes from the passion that all of us in the CODZERO team share, and from the professional and personal harmony that has always bound us …


From the combination of strengths and weaknesses, which we know well of each other, we have come to the awareness that the fussy, the wide sleeve, the trouble-breaker, and the playful will ensure that the best customer service on the market is born.


We know very well the world of distribution and commerce and we are convinced that some of the key concepts that are the core of relations between large companies, can be successfully applied to B2C, creating many benefits for you who are the end customers.


CODZERO wants to be a community… the goal is that you, who are reading these 4 lines, can be part of it and share with us our passion.


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