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Why the Soisy installment payment is so convenient

Because you pay a little at a time, and it weighs less on you. Because you do everything online from your PC or from your smartphone, without having to go to the bank. Because loans between individuals bypass the bank, and therefore cost you less.

Social lending, peer to peer lending or marketplace lending allows private investors to replace banks and finance other people, obtaining an economic benefit from the loan.


They finance purchases, anticipating the sums to e-commerce


The affiliated e-commerce immediately collect the amount of the product and deliver it to the buyer


They choose installment payment and repay principal and interest month by month to investors

Marketplace lending, securely

Soisy is a Payment Institute authorized and supervised by the Bank of Italy.


Choose soisy installment payment

On the checkout page, select the SOISY installment payment


Enter data and upload documents

Once the payment has been made, you will be redirected to the SOISY page where you will be asked to upload your personal data and some documents, in order to be able to accept your request for funding



Sign your contract digitally

When your funding application is approved, you receive the financial contract to be signed digitally within 24 hours.


Receive approval of your purchase from CodZero

Once the contract has been signed, SOISY will notify us of the positive outcome of the installment payment request and, within another 24 hours, you will receive an e-mail confirming the imminent shipment of your CodZero order.

A dedicated area, all your own

With Soisy you will have a personal area where you can check at any time your amortization plan, the installments already paid, the remaining debt and all the documents of your financing.